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Although I never took on the position of Project Manager in one of the group projects I was able to learn and implement project management practices. The first being with UGA Extension's new agent mentor program and the second at my own place of employment USA Health, a university health system.

UGA Extension hosted a mentor program for new employees that provided a roadmap for them to become successful at their jobs. We were tasked to create an eLearning using Articulate Rise.

In planning for this eLearning my team and I created a scope document and a work breakdown structure that provided the step by step instructions for getting the work done.

Finally, we implemented that work by creating an eLearning that was relevant and useful to UGA Extension. I saw the scope document as a very resourceful and necessary tool for project management. 

I selected this project for project management because it was the major product for the class, Project Management for in Instructional Design. We created a project management proposal with a scope document and work breakdown structure. We implemented this plan and created an eLearning while working alongside the client keeping them informed.  

The 21st Century Cares Act module is the only module represented here that is outside of the University of Georgia's M.Ed. in Learning Design and Technology. I worked on this for the University of South Alabama Health (USA Health) in my employment as an Instructional Designer.

I selected this project for this category because I met with SMEs in order to create a course that met their needs. After ascertaining their needs, I knew that there were multiple ways to approach the content that I had to manage. I suggested to use VYOND in order to create an animation on bedside manner and created a separate storyboard for that video. I had to manage the production of the project through multiple meetings with SMEs, meeting project deadlines and sending multiple iterations throughout the build of the project until final approval was given. 

UGA Extension's New Agent Mentor Program

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21st Century Cures Act

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