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These two courses are my favorites in this portfolio because of the heart and soul put into each one. I chose them for the Design and Development category because the first, The Alabama Coastal Foundation, contains the process from a high level design document to a storyboard to the actual eLearning. The second, represents a stellar eLearning solution in order to teach about the selected topic, the tobacco pipe.


In the first module I created a high level design document taking into account the audience and objectives, creating a solution that would meet the needs of the client. In the second, I clearly demonstrated the ability to take an unfamiliar topic and present it to learners employing diverse instructional methods including the use of gamification by creating a store where learners can purchase a tobacco pipe for themselves.


For the Alabama Coastal Foundation, I thought of a creative solution to use Animoji's from my iPhone to have a character teach about caring for sea turtles. This was a fun workaround for not being an animator that provided an engaging interaction for learners. Additionally, I created a storyboard and planned every interaction prior to developing the content. The storyboard, high level design document and eLearning course are all linked here.

In the Tobacco Pipe eLearning, I demonstrated Design Thinking by calling the menu, a lounge and creating a relaxing atmosphere with music. I created an art gallery for the user to immerse themselves in the subject matter through art and used a pipe as an interactive dial. This course just allows users to explore the world of the pipe in a fun and engaging way. Both of these eLearning courses additionally showcase my visual design skills and ability to utilize Articulate Storyline.

The Alabama Coastal Foundation eLearning project stands out as an excellent fit for the Design and Development programmatic theme, supported by a clearly written high-level design document and storyboard. Similarly, the Tobacco Pipe eLearning project demonstrates ingenuity in its user-centric design, positioning it as a solid project for this category.



Alabama Coastal Foundation

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The Tobacco Pipe

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