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The Workplace Safety course that was created for the CDC was a great opportunity. To actually be able to show the CDC as a client in my portfolio is a great honor. Thankfully, one of our team members was an employee at the CDC and we were able to assist them with this project.

I selected this product for Evaluation and Implementation category as we had multiple presentations from our proposal, two prototypes, a usability test, evaluation and our final project. I created the website for this class where all documents can be viewed but for convenience the eLearning module and the final proposal are linked here.

This project was daunting, but the team was filled with very talented individuals. I also had the opportunity to get a license in VYOND and create education using a software I was unfamiliar with. This further demonstrates my ability to be flexible and resilient when working on projects with unfamiliar digital learning tools. 

I selected this assignment for the Evaluation and Implementation category due to the evaluation plan that was created and the usability test.

From beginning to end this project covered a rapid prototyping design method with multiple prototypes, a usability test, evaluation and was ultimately accepted and implemented by the client.

My team in EDIT 7350E, Evaluation and Analytics in Instructional Design, was equally talented. We were tasked to find instructional materials online and create an evaluation plan for those materials. We chose a financial class that is offered to adults.

Defining the purpose for the evaluation and analyzing the materials we were able to determine the stakeholders and evaluation questions that were relevant to each group of stakeholders. Furthermore, we established a data collection analysis plan that targeted three specific questions to three specific stakeholder groups. These were designed to obtain both qualitative and quantitative data.

I selected this project for the Evaluation and Implementation category because of the evaluation plan that was developed that would assess the quality of the curriculum. 


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FDIC Money Smarts for Adults

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