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These two projects represent the best of the work that I have done in this program that would fit in the Planning and Analysis category. The first, was with Blue Summit where my team, Learning Leaders, followed ADDIE. The second was a needs assessment my team and I performed for a non-profit called The Table on Delk. 


Blue Summit is a business that teaches participants how to pass the PMP test for project management. In following ADDIE we were responsible with conducting a task analysis, learner analysis, goals, objectives as well as three levels of evaluation. This module was chosen for Planning and Analysis for all of those reasons. I was selected to create and edit the presentation in addition to the other content contributions.

I soon found how this was relevant to the real world as I was offered my first instructional design job. In that interview I was asked about the three parts of an objective. This class allowed me to give the correct answer as well as share my experience using ADDIE. Apparently, a previous candidate could not answer that question.  

Applying the ADDIE instructional design process, collecting and analyzing data as well as identifying the learner group are reasons I have selected this project for this category. Collaborating as a team and with the client were valuable learning experiences that required clear communication and mutual respect. This class was the gateway into this program and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

In Human Performance and Technology Analysis I had a talented team that acquired a client for a non-profit called the Table on Delk that provides laundry services and meals for struggling women and children. 

We conducted a needs assessment and analysis of our findings. We selected three measurement tools in order to obtain quantitative and qualitative data. I was responsible for creating the focus group questions and conducting the focus group.


The organization wanted to bolster their volunteer support. After selecting the tools, implementing them, collecting the data an analyzing we had a few recommendations to make. One recommendation was taking advantage of the stories told from their customers who have hard lives and are able to share what the ministry means to them. It came out in my focus group that it was the stories that drew those participants to volunteer their time. We encouraged The Table on Delk to use social media as one strategy.


This was a rewarding assignment as we were able to help an organization that helped people. In doing that, we were able to take part in their work for humanity.

By selecting and implementing data collection tools for our needs assessment and analysis this project seemed a perfect choice for the Analysis category. 


Blue Summit


The Table on Delk

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